Triage Call

Build Rapport
Hey XXX, It’s XXX here from XXX, how are you doing today?

I’ve got you booked in for a quick call now, is that right?

Great. We only have 15 minutes, and I have another call right after you, so we’ll need to keep to time - is that ok?

My job today is really simple. I’m going to ask you a few questions to work out if or how we can help you.

If we can’t, I’ll let you know politely and I’ll try and point you in the right direction.

If I feel like we can help, we’ll book another time to put together an in-depth game plan for you. Is that ok?

Ok, let’s get started...

Problem Check In

So let me check I’ve got this right...

From what you’ve said, it sounds like your 3 biggest problems are...

You really want Goal, but Obstacles are in the way.

You need a way to ResultAnd that you’ve tried Action, but Failure.

Is that right?

No Fit Option

Ok, great, I understand.
I said at the start that my job today was to ask you a bunch of questions to see if or how I could help. I promised if I couldn’t, I’d let you know politely and try to point you in the right direction.
Now that I know more about your situation and what you need, I don’t think XXX is right for you. We typically do our best work with describe your ideal client here.
If I were you, I’d check out XXX because Reason. I wish I could do more, but XXX will be really helpful.
Thanks for your time, it’s been great getting to know you, and all the best for the future.
End script

Successful Fit
Ok, great, I understand.
I said at the start that my job today was to ask you a bunch of questions to see if or how we could help. 
So the good news is, you’re a perfect fit, we can definitely help, and I’d like to book in another conversation for us to put together an in-depth game plan for you.
In this session we’re going to focus on 3 things:
  1. Exactly how you want your business to look in a year’s time. The clearer we are about what you want to achieve, the easier it is for us to make a plan to get you there.
  2. Then we’ll talk about what's working now and what's not, so we know what we've got to work with.
  3. Finally we’ll identify the obstacles in your way so we can make a plan to help you overcome them.
Sound good?
Then if you want some help to implement that plan we can choose the right coaching program for you and get you underway.
At the end of this gameplan session we'll make a decision. Either you join the program or you don't. You're either in or you’re out, either way you’ll have a plan.
Sound good?
Great, so an email should have come through by now. Got it?
Great, just click the link and let’s book in a time.
So it’s been great chatting today and getting to know you and your business. I’ve got a page full of notes here so when we talk next week, we can just pick up where we left off. Is that cool with you?
Ok, great we’ll see you next week.